Washing line for PS, ABS, PP, PVS

49 238 $
  • Capacity 800.0 kg/h
  • Installed capacity 144.36 kW
  • Practical capacity 101.05 kW
  • The line includes 10 units
  • Affordable prices
  • 2 years warranty
  • Modern production
  • Wood packaging
  • High-level service


This complex is used for processing various types of dirty polymeric materials. The raw materials are various types of hard plastic products, as well as waste and manufacturing defects. All kinds of thick-walled and thin-walled materials can be recycled, for example: containers, sprues, pipes, cans, boxes, etc. Raw material must first be grinded in a crusher. After crushing, the raw material passes through stage of washing, including washing in a sink floatation tank with the possibility of using detergents for heavily polluted materials. Then, the crushed raw material is dried and sent to a cyclone storage.


  • Band Transporter PZO 600/4000-TL

    2 415 $
  • Crusher PZO-801 DLS

    13 200 $
  • Intermediate Tank VB300RE

    678 $
  • Sink Float Tank PZO-VF301

    11 995 $
  • Tilting Centrifuge CN. 300-3000

    7 220 $
  • Horizontal Whirler PZO.CG.500

    10 705 $
  • Centrifugal Fan PZO-11-MUX

    1 400 $
  • Cyclon C-450-2-D

    879 $
  • Big Bag Holder DB-2500

    746 $

Possible materials

  • Plastic
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